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  • Print Design

    We’ll create a compelling and stylistic layout for a variety of printed materials; such as:
      • Logos & Icons
      • Brochures, One-Pagers, Fact Sheets
      • Annual Reports, Compendiums
      • Multi-page Reports, Directories, Booklets
      • Event Materials (for promotion and on-site registration)
      • Signage
      • Stationery, Letterhead, Business Cards
      • Book Layouts and Jacket Cover Art
      • Policy Statements & White Papers
      • Press Releases
      • Magazine Advertisements
      • Promotional Novelities  
  • Online Graphics

    In the virtual world, we can help you with the following online graphics:
    • Website Creation or Redesigns/Refreshs
    • Promotional Emails
    • Web and Landing Pages
    • Infographics
    • Social Media Graphic Elements and Profile/Cover Page Artwork
    • Ads of all types, Banner Heads
    • e-Newsletters
    • Interactive PDF Documents
  • Writing & Editing

    Many of our clients provide us their own wording so we can create various publications; but oftentimes, we are asked to write for you. We would be pleased to help you with the following:
    • Editing Text
    • Proofreading Copy
    • Brochure/Promotional Text
    • Website Content
    • Social media posts
    • Press Releases
    • Letters and Business Correspondence
    • Resumes/CVs
    • Speeches/Presentations

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